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Here is a short description how to use Mozilla Add On Install Manifest Schema in Eclipse IDE – tested on Eclipse Indigo (3.7) and Eclipse Juno (4.2) with installed Eclipse XML Editors And Tools from Eclipse Web Tools Platform.

  1. Download the latest version of Mozilla Add On Install Manifest Schema and unpack it
  2. Launch Eclipse IDE and go to Window > Preferences
  3. Select preferences section XML > XML Catalog
  4. Find category User Specified Entries and click on Add button:
  5. Locate customInstallRdf.xsd within your file system and submit the dialog:
  6. Now should be our new catalog added:

We have Mozilla Add On Install Manifest Schema registered but Eclipse IDE still know nothing about RDF files so we need also register this new content type:

  1. Go to Window > Preferences
  2. Select preferences section General > Content Types
  3. Find category Text > XML and select XML
  4. Click on Add new file association button and insert *.rdf
  5. At the end you should see this:

Now if we open any RDF file we got autocomplete, documentation (context and in documentation tab) and of course that we also can validate our RDF files:


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Screenshots are taken from Eclipse 3.7.2 on Microsoft Windows 8 RC.